Your Mauritius Holiday: Luxury self-catering or five-star hotel?

You’ve got a dream holiday in mind: basking on beaches, going on safari, snorkelling or diving, and perhaps a bit of yachting thrown in for good measure. You also want to do it in style. There are many fabulous hotels in Mauritius, but there are also luxury self-catering options. Which is better?

The difference between luxury self-catering and ordinary self-catering

What comes to mind when you think of self-catering accommodation? The norm is somewhat pokey – and you have do all the work yourself. But imagine this: one of the most luxurious apartments or houses on the seafront and a staff of retainers whose business it is to make you comfortable – what could be better? Chill out while your personal chef whips up a mouth-watering dinner and head for the beach while the maids take care of the housework. It’s like being lord or lady of the manor!

So how’s it ‘self-catering’ if all these things are done for you? Well, you can decide what you want done and when rather than sticking to a typical hotel timetable. Instead of being there for hundreds of guests, your service crew are there for you and you alone. Hotels may try to personalize their service offering, but it’s never going to be as good as this!

The hotel, the hordes and the herd

Even the best hotels have their little drawbacks. Whether it’s the sound of next door’s toilet flushing in the small hours of the morning or the rowdy couple from 18B that can’t come home quietly and who insist on having the TV on as loud as it can go, you’re always aware that you’re surrounded by other people. You may find yourself wishing you could have the place to yourself, but that’s not going to happen.

The pool area might be delightful, but once again, you have to factor other guests into the equation. Letting your hair down isn’t an option, and you may be sure that someone, somewhere is observing your every move. If you have kids, you have to keep them on their best behaviour, and if you haven’t, you have to put up with other people’s offspring cavorting in your space. It’s not the best way to relax and enjoy yourself.

Personal, private and luxurious

What if you could have a beautifully furnished house or apartment all to yourself? You could throw impromptu parties, relax in absolute privacy and be as quiet or as noisy as you please without feeling that you’re bothering someone else. And, of course, no-one else is going to bother you. No amorous honeymoon couple in the suite next-door, no noisy kids on the landing, no keen observers taking in your morning dip in the pool.

You have space, freedom and privacy – and all in a deliciously luxurious setting. You call the shots. Your holiday can be as relaxed and private as you please or you can party in your own space and on your own terms. Make your holiday in Mauritius as splendid as it can be. Take a step beyond the boring five-star hotel and its generic offering and get a personalized, fun-filled holiday that’s tailored to your needs and no-one else’s!


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